6 Mind Blowing Facts About SEO Experts London for growth

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SEO Expert London for growth
SEO Expert London

Talking about SEO and your site’s ranking, you better take extra measurements as ‘making any SEO mistake’ is the last thing you want to do with your SEO marketing strategy. You may not yet find online marketing services as a potential means but there is more than meets the eye. So, here are 6 Mind Blowing Facts About SEO Expert London.

SEO mistakes can harm your site’s search ranking and send you tumbling down the SERPs. It might cost you the hard work of days, weeks, or even months to fix such damage. Often there are some common practices that were good for SEO in the past but with the search engine’s evolving algorithm these practices are no more beneficial to the SEO of a website. 

1.      Having a definite content strategy in SEO:

Content is the king! Everywhere. It is your firm’s asset. According to SEO Experts London, a common mistake that marketing strategists make is that they want natural links but have no content to get those links naturally. And yet, they are willing to invest thousands.

Companies with a lot of potential want their websites optimized and ranked on search engines but they are not willing to invest in making attractive content that will be appealing to the readers and are ready to spend a huge amount of money to buy links. This is because, as a start-up company, they can’t just see the importance of content marketing for overall SEO in the beginning.

No doubt, backlinks are an extremely crucial part of any business but there is no digital marketing strategy without solid content. Bots crawl content against given keywords. So, when there is no content, there is nothing to attract crawlers. You should be spending a major chunk (at least 60-65%) of your marketing budget on content strategy.

Here is what you can do to rock your content strategy: 

  • Note down all the topics that you might find related to your product or services.
  • Search for long-tailed and short-tailed keywords relevant to this list of topics.
  • Establish a blog showcasing your business. 
  • Make sections and pages containing the selected keywords. 
  • Blog on the same time and same day of every month (make a schedule). Find out the best time to upload according to your industry. 
  • Make wise use of URL, internal linking, and backlinks. 
  • SEO optimization is also to be done for all kinds of media files on your website like images, audio, or video. 

Practice White Hat SEO (grey hat SEO is also acceptable) ; avoid Black Hat SEO.

2. Highest open rates for emails

As a business, email marketing is a beneficial part of your website’s SEO but what makes it most effective?? If you have more than one e-mail account, you can understand how millions of emails hit your inbox every week and are moved to trash or spam folders before you could even find time to read them all. You didn’t open them because you may have not found the right time. So, the best bet for a sender is to send the mail at a time at which it is more likely to be opened.

Most of the SEO Experts in London suggest that Thursdays and Tuesdays are the days with maximum open rates for emails. Time is also very important in this regard. Emailing around 9-12AM or 5-6 PM can prove extremely beneficial. Similar to this is our next fact.

Emails are to be used as a means of communication between businesses and customers. So, such emails should be personalized. You can professionally choose what you want your customers to see and send them unique limited time offers. Find out the click-through rate and click-to-open rate. Keep experimenting and see what suits your customers. But for such a tricky process you need persistence and consistency. You can find different online tools to help yourself. An SEO Expert London can help you save both your time and money.

3. What is the best time to cold call someone

Wondering what time is best to cold call your targeted customers so that you can gain their maximum attention??

Do it at a time when they are not too busy with other important stuff. So, Wednesday and Thursday can be good days for cold calling someone. To promote sales, as per research, the best time to cold call someone is around 9-10 AM in the morning and at 4-5 PM in the evening. 

Cold calling requires a lot of patience. At the start, it might seem like an insignificant act or even a loss of resources. While cold calling you might find yourself questioning your ability as a salesperson. But that is totally normal. Because you will be making 9-10 calls every single hour and most of them might not even get answered. If done right, cold calling still has a lot of potential.

As mentioned earlier, a solid content strategy is what you need for digital marketing and this will also get you nurturing leads. Think of it as a great conversation starter. High-quality content can boost your confidence that you might find helpful during cold calling. With this positive change in your outlook, you can convince your audience easily. This method is recommended by SEO Expert London as a part of every SEO campaign.

4. Google algorithm is updated more than 500 times a year!

Yes! You read that right. Google makes thousands of changes (core updates) to its algorithm every year including major updates like penguin, panda, and hummingbird. Updates on recent core changes can be checked on their official site. You must have some knowledge about the google algorithm by now. This is a set of rules according to which every site is ranked and given a specific position in SERPs. Algorithm criteria are search engines top secret and no one is allowed to know about them. However, there are a few rules declared by Google to improve your website and content to keep it at the top of SERPs.

Being one of the largest and the most popular search engines around the globe, changing algorithms is essential for security purposes and a better user experience. Content is the key. Google aims to provide the best user experience and provide them with original problem-solving content. But better beware of keyword stuffing (overdoing it) and violating any copyrights in your content strategy.

As a site owner, you must have a piece of up-to-date knowledge about Google’s core changes. Your content should meet the demands of the users and go beyond the obvious providing insightful analysis.

5. The top 5 organic results on SERP get as much as 75% of the clicks

According to thorough research done by SEO experts from London, it was found that the top 5 organic results get as much as 75.1% of the clicks. The top 1st position of organic results on Google’s first page gets about 33% of the total clicks. Exactly! This is a huge sum.  That means if you are in the 6th or 7th position of SERPs, you already have 75% less chances of getting organic clicks (depending on the quality of your competitor’s content). Optimize your entire website otherwise, you may get penalized by Google if your site fails to meet their standards. Before you start creating content with targeted keywords, fix the bugs in your site that Google has flagged. For example, broken links or duplicate content.

SEO Experts London suggest that improving your site’s ranking from #2 to #1 can give you more traffic through organic search results.

 People tend to become more skeptical when it comes to the importance of SEO in any marketing strategy.

6. More than 90% of social media marketers are using Facebook ads:

Facebook ads are a highly cost-effective means of reaching out to a large number of audiences within a short period of time. Facebook ads can be targeted toward a specific audience who might be interested in what you sell and offer.

It has the lowest bounce rate.  Use the Facebook ads feature to promote your business, services, and pages and generate new leads. According to research more than 93% of advertisers use social media Facebook to talk about their businesses and services.

Within your budget, you can target a wide range of audiences. Try running multiple Facebook ads and find out what works best for your business within a short time. Facebook ads are an extremely important tool for generating SEO leads that can enhance your overall social media marketing strategies.

Best SEO Experts London for Your Business Growth

Best SEO Experts London for Your Business Growth
Best SEO Experts London for Your Business Growth

Are you looking for an SEO expert in London? Wait! Don’t entrust your website to any random strategist who has no proven track record. We have enlisted below 6 best SEO Companies London that actually delivered to help your business dominate Google.

Best S.E.O Companies 
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5.Hashtechblog Visit now
6.SEOworksVisit now 
hire best SEO Companies for timely and most effective results

 Remote SEO Consultant London:

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