Marketing 4Ps everything you want to know

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Marketing 4Ps
Marketing 4Ps Product, Service.
Price, Promotion

Did you hear the word Marketing 4Ps? You might have already learn about it from book or your close friend might have told …

4Ps of marketing is not just about larger companies but smaller companies also can adopt these 4Ps of marketing. If you want to enhance your business then you should know the importance of 4Ps of marketing. 

History of the 4P’s of Marketing

The founder of Marketing 4Ps was Neil Borden who was a professor of Harvard University. Neil Borden published his article in 1964 in which he introduce the concept of Marketing Mix. This article revolves around the success of businesses through marketing.

What Are the 4Ps of Marketing?

4Ps marketing is a model introduced by Neil Borden that is a component of Marketing mix. Marketing mix and 4Ps are usually considered the same but actually these are two separate terms. Marketing mix is a method in which you introduce a new product or service in market. The 4Ps helps in terms of marketing options such as price, promotion, product and place, that your product or service is tailored to satisfy a specific customer need or desire.

The term marketing mix refers to the various method while introducing a product in market. Whereas 4Ps is one of the best method of marketing mix. The 4Ps of marketing are as follow:

  • Product (or Service).
  • Place.
  • Price.
  • Promotion.

Questions are a good way to understand the 4Ps marketing and the explanation as well as questions are as follow:


What customer will pay for you is referred to as the product or the service. It doesn’t matter whether it is a product that you introduce in market of some sort of services that you offer to your customers. Once you introduce a product then you can use the marketing 4Ps to improve your product. You can add new features, upgrades or option etc. These questions will help you to understand Marketing 4Ps everything you want to know.

  • Why your customer will buy your product/service or how will product satisfy his demand?
  • What type of features should it include? Any missing features does your product have? Is price of product is reasonable or is it an expensive one so customer will hesitate to buy it?
  • What and where is the use of this product?
  • Will customer like this product?
  • What size and color is in demand?
  • What should be the proper name of this product?
  • What advertisement method you will use?
  • Will these feature will compete the same products offered by the competitors?
  • What is the price of this products as well as is it profitable or not?


The term place refers to the place of selling your product. It is also known as distribution. It outlines all of the different routes that you can take to deliver your goods to buyers.

  • Where you will sell this product? Is it online or offline? Is it a super market or catalog? Or you are selling it through a boutique?
  • What are the channels where you can sell your products? Make a list of all possible options and choose the best ones.
  • What advertisement techniques you will use? Are you making a sales team? Or selling the product online? Or sending samples to different companies or conducting a seminar to advertise your product?
  • How your competitors are selling their products and what techniques are they using and which technique is more effective?


The term “price” refers to the amount of money that a consumer will pay after purchasing your product. A variety of factors should be taken into consideration while setting a price, including profit margins, the price of competing products, supply and demand, and market position, etc. Furthermore, the price of your product will have a significant impact on its overall popularity and success. These questions will provide you with a comprehensive grasp of the 4 Ps of marketing.

When it comes to value, how beneficial is this product/service to the customer?

  • Are there any fixed pricing points for items or services in this industry that consumers may shop for when they are looking for them?
  • What is the maximum price of the product that is profitable for you? Is it also true that cutting the price will result in you receiving more shares in the market? Alternatively, if you raise the price, will this result in a higher profit margin?
  • Where can I find out the price of the items of the competitors?
  • To promote sales, what kind of discounts should be offered to customers?


In order to effectively sell your products, you must create high-quality touch points with your target market. All of the touch points listed above will influence those who come into contact with your business, learn about your product, and ultimately purchase it. Promotion is a powerful tool for ensuring the success of a product. When it comes to promoting your product, social media and performance-based statistics can be really beneficial.

  • Advertising:

If you choose You can advertise your product on television. The proprietors of television channels may broadcast a sponsored advertisement for your product.

  • Public relations:

Public relations can also aid in the promotion of a product. If you have a public relationship with another company, information can flow from one company to another, as well as from the general public and from institutions to the general public.

  • Marketing plan:

A market strategy can also assist in the promotion of a product or service. It entails selecting the appropriate target market and utilizing the appropriate advertising methods. You can launch an advertisement campaign on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also seek assistance from Google, which will allow you to place sponsored advertisements on various websites across the world.

Your comprehension of promotion will be clarified by answering the following questions:

  • The most effective advertisement message that you will run on your target market should include the following:
  • When it comes to internet advertising, which web platform is the most effective? You might use television, billboards, or the newspaper as an advertisement.

platform. Public relations and direct mail campaigns can also be used to promote your goods in addition to online marketing.

  • When should advertisements be broadcasted to be the most effective ones? Is the product you’re offering a well-seasoned one? Is there a concern for the environment? On corona pandemic, for example, masks and sanitizer were advertised prominently.
  • What marketing strategies are being deployed by the competitors, and how much of an impact are they having on them?
The 4 Ps of The Marketing Mix Simplified

Using the 4Ps of Marketing

The marketing 4Ps are extremely useful for both introducing a new product and updating an existing product with new features. These stages will guide you through the process of developing a successful marketing formula for your product.

  • ·        Choose a product, whether it is an existing product or a new one.
  • ·        Make sure you understand the questions and that you have an answer prepared for the following questions: We recommend that you consult our website if you don’t have enough knowledge to get started.
  • ·        After determining the marketing mix, it is important to consider the perspective of the customer.
  • ·        Is your product able to suit the needs of your customers? or What is the demand of your customers?
  • ·        Where are the located sales points?
  • ·        Is the message in your commercial sufficiently persuasive to motivate your target audience?
  • ·        Will the pricing provide you with a good profit margin or not?
  • In order to make the questions more complex, you should answer them. For example, what will happen if you increase the price of the product by 3 percent? What if I started selling larger quantities of the same products?

·        What if I don’t want to spend money on advertising networks and want to conduct my own web campaign instead?

·         The final step is to obtain a satisfactory answer to these difficult problems. However, you must periodically review and adjust your plan because the industry is constantly changing and evolving at an ever-increasing rate!

Are the four Ps of marketing still useful?

Yes, the four Ps of marketing are still relevant and serve as a foundation for promoting your product in the marketplace today. However, there are significant reservations about using the 4Ps in marketing. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons both for and against the 4Ps.

Arguments against the 4Ps

It is not considered an effective strategy for running a marketing campaign because it is based on outdated techniques, and the market has become more complex as a result. It’s similar to a closed-loop cycle in nature. The technique, according to marketing pros today, is only a good beginning point for constructing a marketing mix that is fluid and adaptable to new information as it becomes available.

Arguments in favor of the 4Ps

The editors have made certain modifications to the 4Ps, which is still effective in the present era. When compared to the 1950s essay, today’s marketing 4Ps are more obvious and well-guided than they were then. The updated edition of the marketing 3Ps has addressed its shortcomings and has shown to be successful in product marketing.

Final Thoughts

This article was about marketing 4Ps everything you want to know. Now these 4Ps are more significant than the 1960 4Ps. These serve as foundation of marketing. Marketers may achieve success regardless of the circumstances if they continue to concentrate on the 4 Ps and how to use them within the context of the digital age.

It is possible to market your product with the help of marketing 4Ps and can help you in marketing, which will also supply various marketing strategies. You’re only a short drive away from hash tech.

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